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DFINITY Foundation x ICP HUB Korea 가 주최하는 ICP Hacker House에 여러분을 초대합니다.


​인터넷컴퓨터 해커하우스는 경쟁하는 곳이 아닌 배움의 장 입니다. 인터넷컴퓨터(ICP)의 핵심 컨셉/개념을 배우고, 스마트 컨트랙트(캐니스터)를 배포하고 DApp 개발 방법을 배울 수 있습니다.


​여러 해커하우스 행사를 성공적으로 이끈 GLITCH가 운영 예정이며 코스는 한국어로도 제공됩니다.


이번 해커하우스의 하이라이트:

- 해커하우스 참가시 5만원 지급

- 코스 레벨 0부터 5단계를 순차적으로 진행할 예정이며 단계별로 완수시, $20~$100 테더 지급 (전부 초보자용 개발 코스입니다.)

- 여러 ICP 기념품 지급 (티셔츠, 모자, 컵, 가방 등)

- 현장에서 팀을 이루어, Hacking Challenge에 도전하는 팀들에게는 총 $10,000 그랜트 지급


[위 모든 상금은 현장에서 즉시 지급될 예정이며 그랜트는 4/5일 지급할 예정입니다.]


​세심하게 선별한 연사들의 키노트 스피치, 패널 토론, ICP 생태계를 경험할 수 있고 즐길거리가 준비되어 있습니다. 모든 개발자분들에게 열려있는 이번 행사는 오프라인 행사이며, 한정적인 자리로 인해 빨리 신청을 해 주세요! 참가 비용은 없습니다.


​DFINITY Foundation, ICP Hubs 팀과 Dominic Williams를 만날 기회도 있습니다 :)


​본 행사에서는:


​1) All-Day 음식, 음료 및 휴식을 취할 수 있는 공간을 제공!


​2) ICP 를 접하고, ICP에 관심있는 개발자들과 네트워킹을 하고 ICP 프로젝트에 합류할 수 있는 기회를 제공!


​3) ICP 컨퍼런스 참가 기회 및 발표 기회 제공!


​4) 특별한 저녁 행사!


​여러분을 만나 뵙기를 기대합니다!



​Join us at the 1st ICP Hacker House in Korea and win up to $20,000 in rewards and bounties Open to All Web2 and Web3 Developers

Hosted by the DFINITY Foundation and ICP HUB Korea, we are excited to invite you to the ICP Hacker House.

It is an exciting journey of 24 hours, after which you get accelerated to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

We will also have Dominic Williams, the founder of the DFINITY Foundation, which is a major contributor to ICP, in the house.


​The ICP Hacker House is not a place for competition; it's a space for learning and making friends. Here, you can learn about the essential concepts of the Internet Computer and how you can use BUIDL fully on-chain cross-chain DApps, which have web 2 experience with Web3 security.


ICP is the most advanced blockchain and is the most extensive R&D project in the industry.


Whether you are new to web3 or an experienced web3 developer, there is learning and hacking space for you.


The learning and hacking challenges will be done in Typescript and Solidity.


​GLITCH, who has successfully led multiple Hacker House events, will be one of the key mentors apart from core devs working on ICP protocol.


​The language of instruction will be both Korean and English.


The highlight of this Hacker House is that all participants will receive a prize upon completing the learning challenges from a prize pool of $10,000.


In addition to that, there will be another $10,000 in ICP grants for participants who complete various hack challenges.


Plus, many remarkable swags and goodies will be given away for free!


​This event represents an exceptional opportunity for developers to immerse themselves in the ICP ecosystem. Featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, and engaging activities, it's designed to enhance your Web3 development journey.


​Event Highlights:


Complimentary Amenities: Enjoy all-24 access to food, beverages, and relaxation spaces.


​Networking Opportunities: Kickstart ICP course, engage in meaningful discussions with fellow enthusiasts, and explore possibilities of joining existing ICP projects.


Exclusive Access: Gain entry to ICP unconference and the chance to present at the stage.


Special Evening Event: Don't miss out on our unique evening party.


​Open to all developers! With limited spots available, we encourage you to register early and seize this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow within the ICP. We look forward to seeing you there!


​Event Details:


️Date: March 26~27, 2024 (Tuesday & Wednesday)


​Time: Day 1: 10 AM - Day 2: 5:30 PM




​Hacker House Day 1 - March 26 (Tuesday): 10 AM - ...


​Hacker House Day 2 - March 27 (Wednesday): ... - 3 PM


​Unconference and Demos - March 27: 3 PM - 5:30 PM


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