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생성형AI,그림그려주는AI,그림AI,AI이미지생성,AI이미지,AI사진어플,AI사진만들기Drawing of the profile of a defined kawaii teenager, with a serene and concentrated expression while listening to music. Its large headphones, with an elegant and modern design, are adorned with small glasses that give them a comfortable touch. Her silver hair, shiny and with a glow-in-the-dark effect, falls in soft strands around her face. The drawing stands out thanks to the holographic effects on his clothing, which reflect different colors and patterns depending on the light, giving a futuristic and fashionable appearance. The teenager wears a combination of modern and chic clothing, with contemporary details that highlight her unique style. The background of the drawing can be illuminated with soft lights to further highlight the visual effects of the scene.ᎩᗩᏆᔑ(◠‿◠), poster, painting, dark fantasy, fashion


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