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(((best quality))), ((ultra-detailed)),((an extremely delicate and beautiful)), ((16k)), realistic, hd, cgi, gleaming hair, gleaming skin, gleaming dress,  Character focus, solo, dynamic angle, stylish pose, strong light coming in, sharp focus, illustration, game cg, anime, beautiful detailed eyes, good looking,((an extremely delicate and beautiful)), 

absurdres, absolutely resolution, incredibly absurdres, highres, ultra detailed, official art, unity 8k wallpaper,


1 girl, soro, 

(holding gun:1.2), two gun, sword wrapped in flames, fighting stance, cowboy shot, dynamic pose,


falling petals, red moon, cyber city, fire, flames,1girl, asuna, blue eyes, long hair, halo, hair over one eye,<more_details:1>,<lora:epiNoiseoffset_v2:1>


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